Bergflora was established in 1973 and has been a collaborative partner since 2013.


DSV is our preferred logistics partner. OZFlora is based at DSV Cape Town International Airport, ensuring our cold-chain is maintained throughout the process, giving us a better advantage.


OZ Flora and OZ Import, now known as Coloriginz has been one of our largest partners since 1998. This partnership has provided seamless access into the greater European market.

Intaba Flowers

Intaba Flowers was established in 2005 as a retail and exports subsidiary and brings added value through innovative bouquet solutions and products.


Impartial, independent and reliable services for producers and exporters. Product Quality Inspections, Cold Chain Management. Established in 1926, the PPECB has delivered valuable services to the perishable products industry for over 90 years by enhancing the credibility of the South African export certificate and supporting the export competitiveness of South Africa’s perishable product industries.


Future Fynbos has been focusing on developing the indigenous Floral Heritage of South Africa since 2002. Seeing the potential in the cut flower and pot plant industry for new and improved varieties a private breeding company was established. Activities focus on breeding, evaluation, cultivar development and commercialization of cultivars and management of Intellectual Property Rights. Focusing on the main Fynbos genera of South Africa, Leucadendron, Protea, Leucospermum and some other Fynbos types.